Our Mission
Our mission at River Veda is to make truly natural, sustainable and ethical products in an environmentally enhancing and innovative manner, for the betterment of all. At River Veda we strive to create conscious beauty, with deep respect for, and acknowledgement of, the botanical and life bearing gifts of our Earth.
River Veda is a dynamic interaction between an individual and society. Beauty is not only about looking great on the outside, it is first and foremost about feeling great on the inside. Such a feeling can only come from principled action and a set of beliefs which rest at one's core.
We back the power of this truth with effective action. While we carefully source the best therapeutic ingredients from around the world, River Veda believes that fair trade can be beneficial, both to the global environment and to the communities of developing nations.
Many of our chosen herbs and essential oils are grown on our Indian partner's community farms so that we can guarantee sustainability, effectiveness and fair trade practices from seed to flower, root and leaf.
We believe these environmental and economic practices help to make our products truly beautiful and sustainable. Simply by using our cosmetics, you are contributing to this commitment and in the process taking a small step in bringing the world closer.
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river veda bio
River Veda's founder is Megan Douglas. Megan's passion for herbs and natural skin care was instilled as a child by her grandmother, herbalist Jennie Douglas and inspired by a long family lineage of herbalists and healers. Growing up in New Zealand, Megan spent many of her holiday hours working in the family's herbal manufacturing laboratory...
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