Indian Community Farms
One of the parts of our business of which we're most proud is our partnership with a number of Indian Community Farms. This relationship is a two-way street; the farmers benefit from the business we do with them, whilst we have the opportunity to use the fantastic plants, herbs and flowers they grow on their organic, biodynamic farms.
The Cost of Traditional Farming Methods:
Despite its massive economic growth in recent years, India remains a country dependent on its farming. In total, some 56% of the population is directly involved in agriculture, whilst nearly 70% of the population is reliant upon it for their livelihood. Given this dependency, it is of growing concern that, over the last few decades, farming techniques in India have become increasingly focused on the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. As a result, soil quality and yields have decreased dramatically in many areas, whilst costs have soared.
These farming practices have not only impacted negatively on the land. There has been a human cost as well, with increasing poverty and high suicide rates endemic in some areas.
The Growth of Community-Based, Organic Farming:
In response to these problems, organic farming methods have begun to gain currency. Across India, a number of biodynamic, organic community farms have been established, with widespread economic benefits. In the first place, the return to more natural farming methods has proven a boon to the land, with soils recovering quickly from pesticide poisoning. Yields have also risen sharply, whilst cultivation and input costs have dropped by as much as 70% thanks to the use of natural products like manure.
If this weren't enough, community farming is a more efficient method of farming than individuals working individual plots. Significantly, workers on these farms are able to pool their resources and knowledge, leading to improved education and higher, more equally distributed wages. On some of these farms, income has increased by as much as 200%!
Finally, community farming has the added benefit of bringing people together, making for cultural harmony and a happier workplace.
What is clear then, is that community farming has brought considerable benefits to its workers in India. It is for this reason that River Veda supports it and actively participates in the organic movement in India.
Our Partnership With Community Farms:
Over the last few years we have been proud to establish partnerships with community farms and organic herbal suppliers. Our manufacturers produce organic fertilisers, herbal pesticides, virucides, fungicides, and other pest control products which they distribute to organic farmers throughout India. They also pay the certification costs necessary for farms to be recognised as organic producers and they pay an average of 10-15% above market price, giving the farmers security of revenue.
We play our part in helping to sustain this operation by purchasing the organic extracts which come from these farms. Our regular visits to India also allow us to exchange ideas on herbal farming and sustainable, international business. The net result has been the establishment of strong business relationships, enduring friendships, and an organically produced, pure product which ensures we can deliver to our customers a skincare range of the highest quality.
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