Environmental Care
The River Veda range has its roots in Ayurvedic philosophy. We are connected not only to each other, but also to the planet. In order to live our lives well, to be both healthy and purposeful, we need to engage in a continual search for knowledge and understanding. Our starting point is the accrued knowledge of our ancestors, but we need to ensure that we don't simply stand still. If we are to improve ourselves and our world, then we need to engage with it, searching for ways to refine what has already been discovered.
We are conscious at River Veda that the planet is a living organism and we accept that we need to be proactive in caring for it. We have therefore been careful to formulate products that nurture the earth. Thus, from seed to bottle, we are committed to sustainable practice and design in the creation of our skincare range. Our commitment begins with the organic farming partnership we have established with a number of Indian Community Farms. This relationship is a two-way street; the farmers benefit from the business we do with them (we pay 10% above the market rate for their produce), whilst we have the opportunity to use the fantastic plants, herbs and flowers they grow on their organic, biodynamic farms.
In addition to this, we are acutely conscious of our environmental footprint. For this reason we use unique, recyclable aluminum tubes and glass bottles across our range, whilst all our products are packaged using FSC card.
Finally, each product in the River Veda line has been certified organic by BioGro and is manufactured in accordance with strict environmental and ethical practices, using the cleanest, most advanced technology available. All of the ingredients we use are clearly listed in our packaging and more than 99% of them are of natural origin.
All of this allows us to champion our products with a clear conscience, safe in the knowledge that we are doing the right thing by the planet, our suppliers, and our customers.
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River Veda's founder is Megan Douglas. Megan's passion for herbs and natural skin care was instilled as a child by her grandmother, herbalist Jennie Douglas and inspired by a long family lineage of herbalists and healers. Growing up in New Zealand, Megan spent many of her holiday hours working in the family's herbal manufacturing laboratory...
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