Ayurveda and Riverveda
The genesis for River Veda products is Ayurvedic medicine, one of the world's oldest medical systems. Originating in India more than six thousand years ago, Ayurvedic medicine has evolved to become more than a basic system for treating disease. Rather, it is a combination of preventive health care, healing and a philosophy of living. In essence, it is a blueprint for living well.
An essential component of Ayurveda is its respect for the earth and its recognition that there can be found in nature all the resources necessary to integrate and balance mind, body and spirit. By adopting a structured, holistic approach to living, Ayurvedic practitioners believe that we can cleanse our bodies of disease and establish harmony and balance in our lives.
A formative principle of Ayurvedic practice is the belief that every plant is a medicine. At River Veda, we hold this to be an essential truth. For medicines and treatment and sustenance, the Ayurvedic sages looked to the natural world around them; to the plants and flowers used by forest tribes since the beginning of history. River Veda celebrates this wisdom, incorporating many therapeutic and beautifying Ayurvedic herbs, seeds and flowers in our unique formulations. With respect to nature, we support the organic growing and harvesting of these essential and ancient ingredients in native Indian soil so as to bring optimum purity to our beauty products and treatments.
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river veda bio
River Veda's founder is Megan Douglas. Megan's passion for herbs and natural skin care was instilled as a child by her grandmother, herbalist Jennie Douglas and inspired by a long family lineage of herbalists and healers. Growing up in New Zealand, Megan spent many of her holiday hours working in the family's herbal manufacturing laboratory...
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